Germinator hygiene control des mains

  • - Manufacturer AISI 304 stainless stell.
  • - Prodoction areas,entrance turnstiles and access systems,disinfection was carried out to enforce.
  • - Photocell sees the introduction of pottery into the handson the device and both dealt with 3-5 ml of alcohol -based disinfectant     sprays at one time.The amount of liquid in the electronic unit can be arranged optionally
  • - Two hand disinfection is achieved does not allow relaying
  •  Standing filtering more hygienic disinfectant mats are avaible .
  • - Turnstile disinfection systems should be used only in the liquid alcohol-based disinfectant.

- AISI 304 stainless steel

- Built in electronic card

- Disinfectant dispenser

- Technical characteristics:

Control/Operating Voltage 115-240 V AC / 24V DC
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Normal Current 250 mA
Max Current 850 mA
Power Consumption 30 W
Passing Block With controlled turning tripod arms positioned with 120 degrees
Tripod Locking With 24 V DC selenoids; lock when the selenoids are pulled. ( In emergency,system is shut down and turnstiles provide free passing in both directions )
Passing Direction Control Free bi-directional entry -exit controll
Tripod Position Detection Detection of the tripod position with one microswitches
Motion Control When the cycle starts to one direction the reverse is blocked and after a half turn the rest of the cycle is completed automatically and smoothly by a hydraulic schock absorber
Installation Simple-easy installation with a special pedetal
Indıcators One light indicators on both direcitons
Dimensions Width:

280 mm
450 mm


1372 mm

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